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Vogt Building Construction has delivered Ready-to-Move (RTM) homes throughout the prairie provinces of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta and into the USA states of Minnesota and North Dakota.

Unlike modular homes which are delivered in multiple pieces, our houses are delivered as single, one-piece units and set down on a foundation, which we can build for you. We will guide you through the process of preparing your foundation and will supply you with the essential information required to complete it prior to the arrival of your new home.

All details of the delivery will be looked after by Vogt. Moving costs are included in your estimate.

RTM Benefits

  • Construction takes place on the Vogt building yard, so labour, materials and costs are controlled
  • Construction of your house can begin before site is accessible (site conditions, road conditions, completion of subdivision, location, etc.)
  • Foundation work and framing work can happen simultaneously, meaning a sooner home possession date.
  • All our homes are custom designed – whether you have a plan or just an idea, we can bring it to life
  • A custom-built home allows you to build for your lifestyle, and can even be designed with Universal Access Solutions

RTM Delivery Options

Ready-to-move homes are available with a variety of different project delivery options, depending on your location.

RTM with Completed Follow-Up

*Available in Manitoba only*

Vogt will come to the site you have chosen for your RTM and complete the foundation work, along with the work needed to complete the mechanical and electrical connections. Your basement or crawl space and garage can also be built by Vogt, making us the only stop necessary to complete your RTM project.

RTM with Foundation Only

*Available throughout Manitoba and Southeastern Saskatchewan only*

The ‘RTM with foundation only’ option includes Vogt’s experienced tradespeople completing the foundation of your RTM on-site. The remaining mechanical and electrical connections are the responsibility of the homeowner.

RTM Only

*Available throughout Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and parts of Alberta

At Vogt, we will deliver your completed custom-built home to your site. The foundation, as well as the final mechanical and electrical connections, are the responsibility of the homeowner. Vogt will give you the necessary information to have these prepared prior to the arrival of your RTM.

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